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Possible Locations

I live in Uster, Switzerland.

Consultations are also possible in Geneva,

and in France, in the vicinity of

Henrichemont (near Bourges).

Online sessions are possible too. 

When & Where

The consultations must take place where your animal lives, at a time at which the its mind is already rather quiet.  

inopportune timings: 

before feeding time, before routine walking time, when the children or a loved family member returns home, when all the other horses are out in the field, when the best friend is out on a ride,...

Make sure to schedule a consultation in a period in which you will have time to practice regularly!

What to expect

I am qualified for one-on-one consultations:

you, your animal, and me. 

The first consultation has a pre-defined structure that includes:  

- an assessment of the situation

- an explanation of the Trust Technique®

- a demonstration with your animal

And finally

- You learn the technique

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