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The Trust Technique® brings together my love and empathy for animals, my practice of martial arts, and my experience as a scientist.

In martial arts, I learned that the body expresses itself before the mind has spoken, so that honing perception skills helps imagine new, alternative outcomes to defuse the situation.

I learned from science to distinguish between evidence and speculation, and to keep looking, with all my attention, despite the laziness of the know-it-all mind. Every situation is new, even those we think we know. In this sense, all animals fascinate me, and especially yours.

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Why the Trust Technique®?

I believe it addresses the heart of the problem: the animal’s state of mind. As long as an animal is anxious, for instance, it will behave in an inappropriate way. 

Listening is a challenge. It is often difficult to be patient, and to see the animal’s pace as the fastest one. Our animals are telling us what they need, but we seldom heed them. By learning to listen, I have discovered a quality of connection unknown to me before. I have become much more sensitive to animals' body language, and experience a deep joy at observing their movements. I am fascinated by Mindful Regard, and am still trying to discover its implications.

The Trust Technique® and me

I came across the Trust Technique® thanks to my dog Lucky, a hypersensitive mini-pinscher with aggressive strategies. She lunged and barked at every dog she met, remaining beside herself long after the encounter. We lived in the dark to avoid her barking at passers-by. We could hardly touch her. She bit men’s legs and feet. With the Trust Technique®, we have come a long way. Although she still needs to bark at many of the dogs, I can now take her on walks on which we expect to meet other dogs. We can leave the blinds open. She can ignore men’s legs. 

I started with the Messages of Trust and the Video Course, then decided to become a Trust Technique Practitioner. I graduated in November 2023. I am qualified for both domestic (dogs, cats,…) and large animals (horses,...). 

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