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Sophie Fukutome

Listening to your animal is a transformative experience.

With the Trust Technique®, you learn how to listen to your animal and help it overcome its inner challenges:


hypersensitivity, anxiety, separation anxiety, insecurity, aggression, touch-sensitivity, sound-sensitivity... 


The Trust Technique® is based on trust, and it requires your kindness, your persistence, and above all, your patience. It was developed by James French. 

How it works


In practice, the Trust Technique® is not a form of training. It is a method to reduce an animal's level of mental activity. It is based on a core exercise, named Creative Reaction, in which the human creates a peaceful atmosphere that allows the animal to let go and relax. 

Once human and animal have practiced sufficiently for this "transfer of peace" to be established, issues are addressed with an approach that is tailored to the individual's situation. 

In the first two consultations, you learn how to perform the Trust Technique® with your animal, and we discuss the best approach to address your animal's issue. 

In further consultations, you learn exercises that will help you address the issue. 

Further Information

In the Trust Technique® free introductory course, the Messages of Trust, you will find the most important concepts underlying the Trust Technique®. You can deepen your understanding with the Video Course, that offers a large collection of videos.

If you have an issue with your animal, a Trust Technique Practitioner can help you learn and apply the technique efficiently.

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